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It all started when...

The Vale and Cotswold Edge Team was created in 2014. It comprises 11 parishes and 12 churches and is served by 3 vicars, a curate, a self-supporting priest, a part-time youth and schools leader and three Readers. Within the Team are 6 primary schools, 3 of which have a church foundation and one large secondary school, in Chipping Campden, which educates the majority of young people in the area.

The VaCE Team is a group of individual parishes that are more than the sum of the parts: a collection of diverse people and parishes in partnership for the Gospel. The Team comes together to do things which cannot be done alone or can be done better together, e.g., training, confirmation and marriage preparation, some mid-week festivals.

Praying Together


The VaCE Churches are an inclusive group seeking to know Jesus better and share his love. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ through mission, ministry, fellowship and worship. Our church buildings are beautiful houses of worship and spiritual homes where churches members and believers come together to hear God’s word, grow as disciples, celebrate His love and draw others into the life he offers us.  

Prayer for the VaCE

Generous God,
you welcome us through an open door
into the life of your Kingdom.
May we, who have received your hospitality,
go out into Vale and Cotswold Edge
with kind hearts, open minds and a warm welcome.
Open our eyes to see the work of your Spirit
in our churches and communities, and together,
teach us to nurture the Kingdom of God in our midst.
In the name of Jesus who stands with us at the open door.

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